Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Almost May!

where has the time gone??!!
I hope you are all having an awesome April and looking forward to the new month?
Have you completed a 'thank you' layout yet? Why not give it a go and then return here to post the link for your layout and we can admire your work and in turn you might inspire someone else.
Next month we will be taking a look back. For some it might not be too long and others it might be a few years. It might be about a story you have shared often, you might have even scrapped about it, but we would love to see your story. Its something that, I think, needs to be thanked and something that is worth sharing so future generations can see why you do what you do.
And that is the point of this blog. To inspire you to think and scrap about things that tell more about you. Things that might be forgotten, things that might not be seen by others but things that are worth sharing because they make up who you are and where you are at.
So next month will be about saying thank you to something that allowed you to be where you are today... what will that be?? Come back on the 1st to find out :)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Thank You Challenge

Thank you to all who participated in the challenge for March. If you haven't taken up the challenge then please do, we would still love to see your work, just submit it under any of the March posts.

So this month I thought of something a little different that sometimes gets forgotten but is still very meaningful in the day to day life which makes it important to be documented.

Your challenge for this month is to make a thank you layout about a household appliance that makes life easier, you can't live without or just is a huge blessing and why it is so.

I picked our washing machine. As a Mum of 4 it is something I just wouldn't want to live without, I don't think there is a river big enough for all our washing! But it is just the 'practical' side of my washing machine that I love. Its the symbolism of our washing machine, the fact that it is a way that I can show my love for my family, giving them clean clothes to wear each day and I love to see those clothes on the line, reminding me of the family who love me and are growing everyday.

So are you up for this challenge? Saying thank you to something from everyday life? Have a look around you. The kettle because you can't start the day without a coffee, the telly because it keeps everyone entertained, the car because of where it takes you?? Now is your chance to show others how much that thing means to you in your life right now. Come on Thank it!!! I know that when we got our new BIGGER fridge I hugged it everyday, didn't keep that habit up because my arms hurt from stretching although thinking about that it would have been good exercise! So enjoy exploring your everyday life and can't wait to see what you create!

Just post a link for the layout here when you are done so we can all admire your handiwork.

Take care and hope you have all enjoyed your April Fools day, I know our 8 year old did!!