Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Slip, Sliding away

Sorry to keep bringing it up but OH MY GOSH is that another month almost over???
Wonder what delights July will bring?! June has already shown it's hand with some cold (brr) days and some sunshine filled days. Winter here in Tasmania still brings out the best of every season, and usually in one day.
The challenge for July, hmmmmm what can I tell you?? It involves a little maths, maybe, a little of the past mixed with a little of today... I think that is about all I can say but hope it gets your brain tingling!
See you back here on the 1st :)

Friday, June 1, 2007

June Thank You Challenge

Brrr Winter has definately shown it's beauty today!! A sprinkle of snow on the mountain while the sunshine streams down! What has the new season brought to your neck of the woods today???

How did you go with last month's challenge?? I hope it has inspired you to create. This month's challenge is to say thank you to a deed. Something that someone does, an act of kindness, a labour of love. Something that might happen everyday or something that is out of the blue. For me, my layout is about how my wonderful Husband turns my electric blanket on. It shows me how loved I am because he remembers each night (apart from those warmer nights). He never knew that it was something my own Father used to do for me, all he knew is that I love hopping into a toasty warm bed!! So for this I am thankful. So why scrap it?? Well, it's something noone would ever know about 'Us'. It's a story I can share that symbolises the love that he has for me and for that I am grateful!!

Hope this inspires you to create this month and please remember to come back and share a link so we can all see your creations and be inspired too.