Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to all those who have come to visit this blog over the last 24 hours! You have made my smile even brighter!!!
I want to also say thank you to those taking up the challenge to say thank you to Elsie.
Continue to post those links as we would all love to see your creations and I have just emailed Elsie to let her know what we have been doing here in blog land and I will email her when a new link for a thank you Elsie layout comes in.
Thanks again and check back tomorrow for the new Thank You challenge for April.
Take care and thanks everyone!
Just so the links are in one place:
Krisje's layout
Kendra's layout
Allison's layout
And mine is below :)
EDIT 6 April 2007:
Jode's layout

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just a reminder

That it's just under 2 weeks till we start a new challenge so get scrapping and don't forget to link your layout here so we can all see and pass on the thanks to Elsie!!
And if your stuck here are a few things that might help. You don't have to use a photo of Elise. You could use a photo of her book, a layout you did that was inspired by Elsie, products that may have been inspired by her too. I know that, after seeing it on Elsie's work, I just had to have a certain paint colour. I hunted it down and LOVE IT! So I am thankful to Elise for introducing me to Lagoon MM Paint!!
So you see there are many ways we can say thank you and just a word of warning next month's challenge involves thanking something from the everyday happenings! I have decided to go with something white that adds colour to my day... stumped?? well stay tuned and looking forward to seeing all those great thank you layouts!
Take care :)