Sunday, July 1, 2007

July Thank You Challenge

How did you go with the June Challenge? Did you find a deed to scrap?
This months challenge is to scrap a negative that turned out to be a positive (told you maths was involved!!!). My layout is about my love of all things music, she types this after a day of 4 noisy girls singing LOUDLY in the car! Growing up I was often told I was tone deaf and not to sing. Being told I couldn't sing just to stop me from singing. But it didn't stop me, as those around you would tell you I am forever making up songs and singing, humming or whistling! This layout is about the thought that if I wasn't told I couldn't sing I don't think I would enjoy music as much as I do today. I don't take it for granted and enjoy the noise that sometime envelopes me. I now know I can sing and have been told that I'm not at all tone deaf (thank goodness say those around me lol)

So this month's challenge is about something that may have altered your life, your way of thinking or just the way you are, for the better. I also thought of scrapping, and will do so in the future, about the arrival of our first daughter. She has a genetic skin disorder and we were told of the life to expect for her and us. Thankfully she is 1000 times better than the Doctors ever predicted and it's something we never take for granted and are very thankful for, a negative that turned into a positive.
Looking forward to seeing where this challenge takes you and would love to see your work, if you would like to post a link back here.
Thanks for visiting and hope the month is full of things to be thankful for.

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